Events will be held at: 2101 Waukegan Road, Suite 200 in Bannockburn

Please join PDI Medical Cannabis Dispensary Pharmacists and Product Specials along with the team from Compassionate Clinics of America for these educational sessions. Plenty of time for Q&A. Patient registration application assistance follows each presentation if you are interested in getting your medical card or renewal. These events are for medical cannabis patients, caregivers, medical professionals and anyone who is interested in learning more about medical cannabis. You do not have to have a card to join. To RSVP please email (indicate event your are attending and names/emails of all attendees).

MARCH 9    11 am – 12:00 pm  Ask the Pharmacist: Q & A on Medical Cannabis

Dr. Nick Salamie, PDI Medical Pharmacist will answer any questions you have regarding Medical Cannabis. This is for current card holders, caregivers and those who want to learn more about Medical Cannabis.


MARCH 23    11 am – 12:00 pm  Are you in PAIN? How Can Cannabis Help

Dr. Nick Salamie, PDI Medical Pharmacist will lead the discussion on how Cannabis relieves pain. This event is for anyone who deals with chronic pain and chronic illness as well as their caretakers.


April 27      11 am – 12:00 pm  Cooking with Cannabis featuring Chef Brian Merel

Chef Brian, private chef and Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 Contestant will demonstrate how you can cook at home with cannabis.


Thursday Evenings: March 7, 21 April 4,18  5 pm -7 pm   

New Patient Event: Illinois Medical Cannabis Card Assistance

Join us for an informational session covering the steps on how to become an Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient. We will be answering questions and providing hands on assistance with your application! We’ll provide complimentary passport-sized photo services. For more information regarding what to bring, cost of applying(state fee), and more, please click here.


Dr. Nick Salamie, Pharm D and PDI Medical Pharmacist 

Nick graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) from Shenandoah University’s Bernard J Dunn School of Pharmacy in 2014. He attended Loyola University in Chicago for his pre-pharmacy prerequisites. Nick has been a Consulting Pharmacist and Agent in Charge at PDI Medical since 2017. Nick is a Medical Cannabis educator and presenter and is passionate about providing exceptional knowledge and guidance to medical cannabis patients. Nick believes that Cannabis is Medicine and that cannabis patients deserve to be educated about their medicine and how it can help them.






Patient Story- Jeff Bronstein

Excruciating pain from multiple surgeries plus severe health issues lead Jeff to being prescribed a cocktail of opioids. Cannabis gave him relief, got him off the opioids and gave him his life back.  Here’s Jeff’s story. Thirteen years ago, Jeff was given a year to live unless he changed his ways. At only 50 years […]

Patient Story: Mary

Anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, desperate fear …PTSD controlled Mary’s life. Combine that with the chronic pain from Lyme’s disease and it took a severe toll on her life. Mary found relief when she found medical cannabis. Here’s her story. Mary is all personality. Her friends know her as the crazy chicken lady or the roller […]

Cannabis For Pain: How Cannabis Can Help

Cannabis & Pain: How Cannabis Can Help Presentation by Dr.Nick Salamie, PharmD Presentation on Cannabis and Pain

Cannabis & PTSD

PTSD&Cannabis   (click the large letters above for the download) Dr. Nick Salamie, PDI Medical Pharmacist Presentation on PTSD and Cannabis

Opioid Bill

THE OPIOID BILL ENABLES ACCESS TO MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ILLINOIS RESIDENTS.  HERE’S A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE:   QUALIFY  Be an Illinois resident over the age of 21 Be Have an Illinois driver’s license or State ID   PHYSICIAN CERTIFICATION Licensed physicians must certify the qualifying patient has a medical condition for which […]

Cannabis & Neuropathy

Presentation:Neuropathy and Cannabis Dr. Nick Salamie, PDI Medical Pharmacist Presentation on Neuropathy and Cannabis

Patient Story: Ankit

Young College student credits cannabis for Crohn’s remission. Crohn’s played havoc with Ankit’s teen years. Now in remission, Ankit credits Cannabis with restoring his quality of life. He’s now working, going to school and living the life of a normal 22 year old!  Here is Ankit’s story: Ankit was Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at only […]

Patient Story: Daniel Fishkin

Dan Fishkin’s Story – No time for pain – IT Professional and father of four, Dan couldn’t be sidelined by Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and prescription medication. Medical Cannabis significantly reduced his pain and reliance on prescription medication. Here’s Dan’s story. Lifechanging – that’s how Dan describes medical cannabis. As a busy professional and […]

Patient Story: Lesli Jarvela

Cancer, nerve pain and multiple surgeries ravaged her body. Cannabis gave Lesli back her life. Fourteen years ago Lesli was right where she wanted to be personally and professionally. Then she got a hard diagnosis. breast cancer. The cancer was invasive so Lesli didn’t have a lot of time to process the diagnosis and figure out […]